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Aber Las

The Lost Mine [or Aberlas] project started completely by a chance encounter with the landowner.  During a visit to the ‘tourist’ section of Cambrian, dive team member Will Smith met with the landowner and a discussion ensued about ‘another mine’ in the immediate area.  Excited with the prospect, and with the landowner’s permission, Will made some tentative initial dives.  The rest, as they say, was history…

We have prepared a Timeline of events highlighting key discoveries:

Distance (m) Date Team members Comments
22 12.03.13 Will Smith First visit and laid line
122 10.04.13 Will Smith, Jules Davies, Paul Rosendale Continuation of line into deep level
222 10.04.13 Will Smith, Jules Davies, Paul Rosendale  
322 13.04.13 Will Smith, Jules Davies End of deep level line.  Passage found to be blocked
96 11.09.13 Will Smith, Martyn Redfearn Work on shallow level line commenced but we didn’t realise its true identity at this stage.  We were still looking for a link between deep and shallow level at some point.
252 14.09.13 Will Smith, Paul Rosendale, John Carter True nature of shallow level realised and dramatic progress made
548 19.10.13 Will Smith, Paul Rosendale Good progress made.  Debate on when this mine might reach its end
588 18.11.13 Will Smith, Garry Dallas And our answer – 588m end of mine reached
54 08.02.14 John Carter Circuit formed – the magic roundabout
56 08.02.14 Will Smith, Sasha London Discovery of ‘the graveyard’.  Impressive chamber, artifacts and airbell.  Divers can leave the water here
50 08.03.14 John Carter, Sasha London Discovery of ‘the stairway to heaven’.  Impressive staircase linking previously lined out deep level to shallow level.  Major circuit dive created
32 08.03.14 John Carter Additional circuit made linking back to shallow level main line
40 22.03.14 John Carter Discovery of ‘the tomb’.  Impressive chamber and airbell.  Divers can leave the water here, but air quality is questionable
54 23.04.14 Sasha London, Will Smith Additional line laid in side passage off from ‘the graveyard’
30 14.06.14 John Carter Line laid in passageway that connects (we believe) with main entrance of Cambrian mine.  Silty
36 11.07.14 Will Smith, D’Arcy Foley New side passage explored which revealed an adit, incline, winding mechanisms and other artifacts
70 12.07.14 Sasha London  
50 12.07.14 John Carter New side passage explored revealing cart and ladders
20 12.07.14 John Carter Line extended in connecting passage with Cambrian.  Confirmed blocked and roof unstable.  Caution

Staircase to Deep Section and Wagon

Wagon in Deep Section