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Some might conceivably get the idea that reading our webpage is enough to turn them into cave divers (solo or otherwise). This is not the case. If you act as if it were the case, you are likely to kill yourself.

Cave diving is a very equipment and technique intensive form of diving. It is also very demanding with regard to the diver’s mental stability. No amount of open water training can prepare you for the conditions encountered in the cave environment. Most accidents in caves have happened simply because divers just wanted to “go in a little bit”. Always get the training first. We have an in house IANTD Cave instructor Ian France, Ian will facilitate training to enable access to the UKMC group and the correct skillset for the environment within which you intend to dive.

We welcome all qualified or newly qualified divers to the group. We fully understand what it’s like to do a cave course and not get access to sites, or someone to point you in the right direction.

May I remind you that UK mine and cave diving is very different to the like of France and Florida. The Uk has some very beautiful mine and cave systems, but they do have risks. The visibility in the head pool can be zero. The logistic to the dive site in some cases is very challenging. All divers are required to have insurance not limited to Public Liability insurance, EG BCA or equal to.